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So, it's official. I'm going to Yosemite from the 30th to the 4th. I hadn't posted about it yet, because I was wavering. It's going to cost at least 2/3 a month's rent, and I'm not very employed. With my breathing problem, hiking is going to be slow-going, and embarrassing. Those kinds of things.

On the other hand, I'd been promising to visit CJ for...well...since he moved down there. And one of my friends, a California native, flipped out and was like "YOU HAVE TO GO!" And I thought about when I'll get a chance to have fun again.

Then my parents were like, wait, weren't you going to house-sit for us?

Then Joey asked what would happen if someone called and asked for an interview while I was there?

Then Tim said any job worth interviewing for would totally understand a "Actually, I'm out of town. I'll be available next Monday." I think he underestimates my desire for a job, but I'm only going to be gone four business days, and I'm not even sure anyone is going to call.

Then my parents announced that, after getting Mom's super special National Board Certification bonus, they had decided to share the love and give my sister and I some money.

I bought tickets tonight.

-I got my muscle relaxants today. And I suddenly realized - my muscles are relaxed. I'd especially been having trouble with the muscles that move my jaw. I can picture them - and the entire area feels just...normal. But I don't feel sleepy, which I wanted to. It's 3:10.
-Today, I am going to turn in an app at the bookstore. They're hiring one part-time position, and I don't know that they'll want me.
-Also today, I am going to go to the graduation fair. Get some announcements, and maybe even a photo taken.