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X-posted from craftgrrl

Back when I was in high school, I learned to make a simple little origami box by attaching together six little origami diamond-ish shapes. This is the sort of thing I'm talking about, although her pattern and mine use slightly different methods for slightly different results.

Anyway, my box looks like so.

I get very bored at work sometimes; I cashier, and I'm not allowed to leave my register, so when there are no customers...yeah. I decided to see what else you can do with the same basic shape.

You can use four little diamond-y things to make a flat square. You can then stick six of these squares together to make an even bigger and more colorful box, with a total of 24 pieces.

I also made a 3x3-sided box, with a total of 54 pieces, but I think I threw it out. It was made of receipt paper, anyway, not origami paper.

I haven't done this, because it would take a lot of folding, but you could definitely stick an almost infinite number of these little units together into flat squares or rectangles, and then frame them, glue them onto light cardboard and use them as a front for a journal, attach them to a bulletin board, whatever.

You can also use 12 pieces to make a 24-sided shape composed of right triangles.

I could try to explain how I did that, but it...wouldn't work very well. If anyone wants a tutorial, feel free to ask. I'll just make another and photograph it.